Sunday, September 04, 2011

NEPBA WILL WIN ON OCT. 11th, Trial Court Members Don't fall for Holway_NAGE lies!...VOTE NEPBA!

Uggh.... SHAME on you Fools and Cowards cowed by NAGE BS and scare tactics.......NAGE is reporting they won the election:
NAGE: 783 votes
NEPBA: 750 votes
Challanged ballots: 8
You poor cowardly fools...... I don't know how you can even look at yourselves in the in the mirror

Don't believe President for Life David Holway, the lying sac of excrement, when he slings the following BS!....

  • Holway says Your dues won't go up along with everyone else being screwed by NAGE/ACORN--BULLSHIT!

  • Holway says If you vote NAGE out, your current contract will be void---BULLSHIT!

  • Oh, and if he should bring it up....Don't worry about your optical and Dental plans, NEPBAs are better anyway..... and don't let NAGE tell you the money in trust for these programs will be forfeited (one of their favorite lies) ....BULLSHIT..... it is well established that such tactics would interfere with members fundamental rights to select their own bargaining representative, and is therefore illegal..... if NAGE were to be so stupid as to even try, it would provide NEPBA an early demonstration of their superiority.

1) Holway says he will hold you harmless from the Obscene Dues increase he and his toadies engineered at the last "National Convention" .... that is changing the dues from a fixed amount per week to the absolutely obscene 1.5% of your gross salary. This is what they call "Tithing" in the religious world..... who does this midget Machiavelli think he is, the POPE?

Believe me, if you are so stupid and cowardly as to be gulled by Holway and his overpaid toadies into keeping NAGE/ACORN as your rep..... You WILL soon enough get stuck with the same dues increase the rest are stuck with....and by then there won't be a damn thing you can do about it!.. Don't miss this rare opportunity to do away with these lying scum!

Besides the fact that this is a monumental slap in the face to all the other state employees who have already had the increase imposed it is BULLSHIT!.....
Holway and NAGE/ACORN are serial prevaricators:
Holway the lying sack of excrement
Holway lies about effect fo recent court decision
Holway's checkered past

Why do they lie with such impunity? Because they can! (And because the truth wouldn't help them sell dirty concession deals they are always flogging the membership with...)  
It is well established doctrine that Unions can lie through their teeth (and so can Management)  to members during representation elections.... and boy oh boy does NAGE/ACORN love to lie.
Holway would throw his own grandmother under a bus to keep those dues coming in..... 

..... well they can't go so far as to publish forged documents or documents that include false flag representation of endorsements from other entities (witness the link above....NAGE admits lies), but if Holway chooses to lie in his own name (which he apparently has  no problem with) then neither the NLRB nor the corrupt and totally ineffectual  Mass Labor Relations office will do a damn thing about it.

Imagine Holway's embarrassment in front of his SEIU/ACORN master/mistress
Mary Kay Henr

I can imagine how she'd give him a "Stern" talking to....

"David I am very disappointed in you, you know we count on those obscene dues extracted from those schmuck Mass State employees, we take their money, give them nothing in return,  and use that easy money  to further our leftwing agendas...., like fight for the future (link)"
(Mary Kay is an active champion of , immigration reform, gay and lesbian rights, and health care reform and a founding member of SEIU's gay and lesbian Lavender Caucus. She and her partner, Paula Macchello, have been together for almost 20 years.)

For Christ's sake, how can you law enforcement types stand to be affiliated with a communistic, ultra-leftwing, utterly dishonest bunch of scum like SEIU/ACORN..... really?

2) If you elect NEPBA and you throw these scurvy NAGE/ACORN dogs off the gravy train-dues collection racket they've had going, Holway wants you believe your current contract will be voided....BULLSHIT!

Think about it, there has been no change in the correctness of the bargaining unit determination which has stood for years, and no change on the Commonwealth's end which just agreed to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

So having elected a new bargaining agent.... Holway wants you to believe that the Commonwealth would unilaterally change the terms of an existing CBA in spite of this being against public policy, and case law....and this, in the "labor friendly" Commonwealth...... this is utter nonsense!.... if you fall for this self-serving ACORN BS then you probably still believe the boogie man is hiding under your bed.

What will actually happen is that, the Commonwealth will be legally bound to recognize NEPBA as the new representative for the bargaining unit and they will further be legally bound to bargain with NEPBA.

In all likelihood, this stage, would simply agree with the Commonwealth to leave the current CBA in place (such an MOU would probably take about 10 minutes to hammer out), and keep their powder dry for future negotiations when the current agreement expires.

SO Cowboy-up, and take the step that needs to be taken, VOTE NEPBA!, you've got the brains and the balls.... don't be like rest of the cow-eyed-dumb-animal sheeple.... that are so easily frightened and manipulated by Holway and his bandits!

..... throw the scum out, and send a message to SEIU-ACORN-NAGE 5000 that topdown sell-out self-serving union bosses like Holway won't be tolerated when an alternative is presented.

You have a moral obligation to the rest of us poor bastards stuck with NAGE..... throw the bums out!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

MORE HOLWAY-NAGE Lies! VOTE NO on more concessions!

Included in your ballot package is yet another BIG LIE from that lying sack of shit Dave Holway.
".... the recent SJC decison rejecting Evergreen clauses leaves state employees vulnerable to the whims of the adminsitration..... blah, blah, blah"

Here they would have you idiots believe that if the contract expires you'll lose all your union language protections..... FOLKS this is utter NONSENSE meant to scare you ignorant sheep into voting for this shitty concession contract, don't fall for it.

Here, in pertinent part is what the Chief Counsel for the Labor Relations Dept has to say about it:
Since the Supreme Judicial Court issued the above-referenced decision, the Division has received numerous questions from both management and labor representatives, concerning the effect of the decision on the parties' bargaining obligations under M.G.L. c. 150E. Under the circumstances, the Division has determined that it is in the public interest to provide management and labor representatives with a clear and consistent summary of case law relevant to the most frequently asked questions.

A. Is an employer permitted to make unilateral changes to mandatory subjects of bargaining once a contract expires?
No. It is well established that public employers are prohibited from making unilateral changes in established conditions of employment that affect mandatory subjects of bargaining both during the term of the collective bargaining agreement and after it
Town of Chatham, 28 MLC 56, 58 (2001) (citing Chatham I, 21 MLC 1526, 1529 (1995) and cases cited therein, including National Labor Relations Board v. Katz, 369 U.S. 736, 743 (1962)).
Established terms and conditions of employment in effect at the time the contract
expires constitute the status quo. The status quo cannot be altered without satisfying the obligation to bargain in good faith
. Town of Chatham, 28 MLC at 58 (Town violated the Law when it unilaterally ceased its practice of continuing to advance step and longevity increases during the hiatus after the expiration of the parties' collective bargaining agreement without first bargaining with the Union to resolution or impasse).
To identify the terms and conditions of employment that are in effect when the contract expires, the CERB looks both to the relevant provisions of the expired contract and the established practice between the parties.
You can see and download the referenced legal opinion here....
on this page

don't take my word for it, but especially don't listen to the lying sacks of shit at NAGE/ACORN.

SO what is NAGE REALLY Afraid of?.... VERY SIMPLE:

WHEN THE CONTRACT EXPIRES they become vulnerable to a raid by another union.... sign a few interest cards and then there will be a decertification election held, that could finally rid state employees of these lying self serving ACORN scum!

They are on the verge of losing thousands of court and probation officers who have had enough of their lies.... there is a decertification election pending. 

That brothers and sisters is what they are afraid of.... they just gave themselves obscene dues increases..... you will be seeing your dues double and eventually triple.... that might be enough to wake up even you stupid sheep.

That's why they are trying to sell you down the river and talk you into voting to give back the raises that you already have in your pockets..... for Christ sakes WAKE UP! 

What they are really trying to "LOCK IN" is themselves into the gravy train they've got going for THEMSELVES...... VOTE NO!!!!!

509, MOSES, AFSCME.... nobody is taking the bait like NAGE/ACORN sheeple

Only the Holway is recommending the members throw away a sure thing 6% raise (HALF YEAR of retro back to January plus an accelerated 3% THIS January) and instead give your rasies back in return for a worthless  promise of a stinking 3% additional down the road, a promise from shiftless politicians that have shown again and again, as recently as 2 years ago that they will renege on a deal as soon as look at you.

Think of've got a bird in the hand 6% THIS YEAR, deal that's sealed and funded and can't be reneged, a permanent raise that most assuredly will count to your pension.... don't listen to that lying sack of shit Holway, the Judas goat of the Mass employee unions.

VOTE NO on the NAGE/ACORN concessions contract.... send those scurvy dogs back to the bargaining table for next year..... let's keep the 6% we've already got in our pocket now.

Why does Holway have to lie about if it is agood deal?..... answer it's not a good deal.

VOTE NO you stupid stupid SHEEPLE, or you'll be the laughing stock when the other unions keep the 6% and then get the stinking 1.5% + 1.5% NAGE is promising..... it's not 9% you dopes, you are giving back the 6% you already own for MAYBE getting the 6% back again and maybe another 1.5% = 1.5% in fy14.

You bleeping idiots!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Local 509 not so quick to throw away 6% raise they already own

Well it looks like 509 President Susan Tousignant is not so quick to throw her members under the bus, she's got to be careful, they might not like it, and and they aren't all somnambulist sheeple, like NAGE.

Local 509 State Worker Bargaining Update
July 26, 2011

Our bargaining team held a meeting with the Commonwealth’s negotiators today and we were presented with a proposal concerning a two year extension to the current contract.
The general framework of the proposal calls for: (Throw away 6% raise now, that you already own Now, for the promise of 4 1.5% raises that MAYBE you’ll get in the future, maybe…… remember the 1% raise 2 years ago that was promised and reneged?)
Cost of living increases on the following dates:
3%  -    Dec. 31, 2011 (you already own that, plus a years worth of retro-activity!)
1.5% -  first pay period Jan. 2012
1.5% -  first pay period July 2012
1.5% -  first pay period Jan. 2013
1.5% -  first pay period July 2013
Forgoing the retroactive pay raise called for in the current contract*
Eliminating the two Suffolk County Holidays, and current employees would receive two additional personal days.
Additional money for the Health and Welfare Fund
The establishment of working groups to explore creating efficiencies in state government. (who know’s what this BS is supposed to be)
There are a number of agency specific issues that we are addressing in bargaining as well

There is not agreement yet. We will be meeting with the state again next Thursday, August 4th.
Whoa Ho! I guess Susan Tousignant is NOT QUITE so QUICK to throw her members under the bus as is Dave Holway.

If you have questions, please speak to your field rep or someone from you chapter leadership.

*Our contract contains a provision (Art. 12) that allows for each of the 3% pay increases in the contract to be moved up 6 months if state revenue exceeded a certain bench mark in fiscal year 2011. 
The bench mark was reached!
(Halleluiah! that means 6% already approved THIS YEAR!)
....WHY would you throw this away for the PROMISE of four 1.5% raises, that given history, they will probably renege on anyway!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Holway is a lying sack of excrement VOTE NO!

He is lying through his teeth when he says you are only giving up a "one-time bonus" when you give back the 6% we already own THIS YEAR in the current contract, which has been approved AND FUNDED by the legislature

Read the contract your self.... the "trigger" ACCELERATES the 3% we would otherwise have gotten on June 30th 2012.... it will be accelerated to January, in other words we already own 6% raises THIS YEAR.....DON'T give it up for this lying scumbag..... it's money in the bank.....DON"T give it back!

Holway, the lying sack of shit, is telling you that it is a one-time bonus..... BULLSHIT!

The word bonus does not even appear in the current contract.... the current contract provides for a 3% increase to  the salary rate that will have to be paid 6 months earlier than scheduled..... it is a permanent increase to you salary, not a bonus!

Holway is a despicable liar..... if he is lying to you about that, what else is lying about?

He is asking you to give up 6% this year, already in hand, for a worthless promise from Holway, a known  liar, and Deval Patrick, who has a history or reneging on our contracts (when the "legislature refuses to fund the contract".).... remember it was only a couple of years ago that we were screwed out of a stinkin 1% raise in another worthless signed and executed contract.....

......and there is every likelihood it will happen again. Why do you think Deval is absolutely JUMPING at the chance to renege on the current contract..... this is not a good deal folks WE CAN DO BETTER.... take the 6% this year, we already own it.... and go back to the table next year when the contract is actually due.....

Don't give up a sure thing 6% for the worthless promise of 4 stinkin 1.5% raises spread over two years.....that you will never see!

More to follow.......

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Updated: Thieving NAGE/SEIU/ACORN banditos are cutting your July 1st 3% "raise" in HALF! to only 1.5%

SEIU/ACORN/NAGE propaganda machine responding to  membership anger over obscene increase in dues imposed without membership approval. 

Take a look at Comment # 3 below. Wherein Prez Sorozan doles out advice to NAGE/ACORN stewards for mollifying members who are understandably pissed off about the NAGE/ACORN scum stealing half of their stinking 3% raise (after the long drought with no raise and constant give-backs on benefits.) 

From: Greg Sorozan []
Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2011 6:34 PM
To: Sorozan, Greg
Subject: Salary Increase/Dues Increase
Dear Steward of Local 282,

The thought occurred to me, on my way home, that I should send you the same email I sent to our Executive Board Members about the recent 3% Salary increase and the new dues increase. You are on the front line in our representation of our membership. These next several days may be difficult.

Dear Executive Board Member,

I’m already dealing with calls and emails about dues increases. Below are some talking points that may answer some small part of the frustration of members you may also be dealing with.

I suggest that you listen to the complaint(s) and not challenge the anger, but simply offer that the increase was necessary to the rising costs of doing union business, i.e., that of providing representation to our membership, some of which are:
· Negotiating the pay raises and benefits we currently have (really Greg? how much does it COST to roll over and take whatever concessions are demanded..... we can determine how much it costs for Holway and his toadies to party down at Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, etc.... but really what's the marginal cost of a couple of phone calls with OER?)

· Protecting those pay raises (What BS! protecting raises by taking them back in the form of dues?)

· Protecting jobs and helping find ways to problem solve the State Budget in ways other than by laying off state workers! (Really? do you have a specific example and can you tell us what it cost in dues money?.... no of course not.... it's a crock of bleep)

· Improving benefits, including dental and eyeglass- these have gotten better but have not kept pace with inflation of medical/dental charges! (Benefits have gotten Better??, cut the crap Greg.... we're not all that stupid..... our health benefits are so bad that the municipal unions turn up their noses at the thought of having to settle for GIC health plans, while they consider which sweet ERIP plan they will avail themselves of....
SPEAKING OF ERIPS.... NAGE has been totally ineffectual in delivering ERIP options to it's own members..... why would they, they'd just be losing our DUES.... they don't want YOU sheeple to have an ERIP, they'd rather keep shaking you down for a percentage of your gross salary

· Collaboration with other unions to keep people working in jobs that offer hope and meaning. (Translation: this is the million$ in dues stolen from Mass State Employees each year and transferred to ACORN for ultra-left-wing agenda's like amnesty for illegal aliens, and  huge political donations to out-of-state left-wing political campaigns..... and we're supposed to feel good about being robbed by these scum?)..... I'll spare you the rest of the bullshit, but you can read it in post number 3 below.

Well you idiots deserve it..... Remember that 3% "raise" you Thought you had coming on July 1st?
Well Guess what?

Those thieving SEIU/ACORN SCUM (aka SEIU/NAGE 5000) have decided they'd rather keep half of your long anticipated raise for themselves ..... by shoving a massive dues increase right up your keister without so much as smooch on the cheek..... OUTRAGEOUS!.....

What a laugh, I was  just speculating the other day how Deval or the Legislature were going to figure out a way of reneging on the promised 3% raise..... well NAGE beat them to it, you'll never see the 3%, because NAGE is going to keep half for themselves and ACORN!......

Hey they weren't just
drinking themselves silly at that "convention"down in Atlantic City .... they were plotting to screw the membership out of 1.5% of their wages!!!

That's right, SHEEPLE...they are changing the dues from a fixed amount per week  to  PERCENTAGE of YOUR GROSS Wages!.....

The more you make the more they take!.

Here's another way to think of it.... your taxes just went up by 1.5% per year.....

.....and you didn't get to vote for either the dues increase or the dirty lying scum that voted themselves a big fat dues increase....a percentage of your wages for Christ's SAKE!!!!......



What can you do?..... here's one man's opinion:

1) Withdraw from the union and pay only the "agency fee"..... the scum still have to defend your collective bargaining rights....and process your grievances (not that there is any evidence that they do any of that anyway).... thats what the agency fee pays for.
... what's not included in the agency fee is all the political money they kick up to SEIU/ACORN for their ultra left-wing BS like amnesty for illegal aliens, political donations to out-of-state politicians who don't have a damn thing to with Massachsuetts or your interests....etc..... in other words all of the million$ they steal from poor Mass State Employees to squander on their own whacked out communistic political agendas....

2) Put these jerks on notice that at the next opportunity, you'll vote them out as your bargaining representative..... that may have gotten a lot easier with the recent court decision declaring evergreen clauses illegal...... so the next time the contract runs out, and the scum have no contract for us.... they are vulnerable to a de-certification action..... Hey one can hope, right?

Call, them and write them to let them no WE WON"T STAND FOR TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!!!!

Get nominated for the next NAGE ELECTIONS, I WANT TO SEE A SLATE THAT WILL GET IN THERE AND RESCIND this slimy lowdown sneak attack on the rank and file membership!!!!


Before you know it they'll increase the dues to 5% of your wages, or why not 10%..... once they've broken the ice the sky is the limit..... or you can just keep taking up the keister from NAGE/SEIU/ACORN.... sheeple you've got the "union" you deserve.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Unit 3 members-- get set to be consolidated and laid-off

After a nation-wide search the Governor just appointed a new DCAM Commissioner Carole Cornelison (she's 2nd from the right in the picture below.)
She replaces  out-going Commissioner, David Perini.

According to the published job description for the new Commissioner one her most important tasks will be to consolidate facilities management across all the executive offices......
"......over the next year is to oversee the consolidation of facilities management activities across the Commonwealth’s executive offices..... A study is underway to determine the most appropriate organizational structure for the consolidated organization....." (oh, boy that should be a real doozy!, like the kids say I am LOL!)
But NAGE has already informed you of this, Right?..... NO?.... well not to worry...

I'm sure that NAGE is already engaged in their usual hard-assed negotiations with the administration over the coming re-organizations and lay-offs, right?

Hey, you Unit 3 schmoes, I'm sure NAGE is working out the details of a volutary lay-off program (my advice is take it, it's best deal you get with NAGE as your representative.)

You're about to find out that your contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on.... not with NAGE. They get batted around like rented mules by the Patrick administration (even though it's probably the most incompetent administration since Jane Swift...) Don't believe me?, ask around to other former NAGE members who have been reorganized, consolidated and laid-off.....

The NAGE judas goats, like trustees at a concentration camp will tell you to keep calm, things will work out, we have to work with the Administration..... sure, then before the dust settles you're laid-off....

....oh, and don't think the fact that you perform important maintenance functions will save you.... this is the Gov's final term, he could care less whether the Commonwealth's facilities crumble into dust..... he says: "Let the next guy worry about it, I don't care....")..... by the time someone is killed or injured from lack of maintenance the Gov will be long gone, just a memory.... Do you think Jim Kerasiotes is losing any sleep over the woman who was killed in the big dig tunnel collapse?..... he's long gone and hard to find....

Well, it's hard to feel sorry for you dopes..... You could have been represented by a real union... MOSES, a union where you actually get to elect the officers, where you have to approve dues increases, where you know where every damned dime of you hard earned dues is spent, where you attend regular union meetings to vote up or down on these things (not to mention you get a sit-down dinner.)

But you scum, you sniveling, boot-licking scum, went crawling back to NAGE on your yellow bellies.... swallowing their lies about losing your optical and dental hoo, whine, whine....

Instead you chose to keep sending your dues to SEIU/ACORN so they could be  squandered on ultra-left wing causes.... and while you got nothing back in return, except voluntary layoff programs brokered by self-serving morons.....

Well, now you're going to get what's coming to you..... good luck with that.

Friday, December 24, 2010

NAGE vs NEPBA Lawsuit?

Anyone out there know what happened on this case.... it was scheduled to go to trial on October 3 2010.... can't seem to find any update on this Lowell sun article:

(Copyright (c) 2010 ANG Newspapers. Cannot be used or repurposed without prior written permission.)

-- A three-year feud between a police union and the breakaway union
formed by its former members is scheduled for trial on Monday.

2007, the National Association of Government Employees sued six former
officials, accusing them of secretly working behind the scenes to form a
new union and breaching their fiduciary duties to NAGE.

suit named Gerald Flynn and Bryan McMahon of the Lowell Police
Department, Andrew Ray of the Tyngsboro police, Martin Conway of the
Billerica police, Ronald Scaccia of the Nashua police, and Sean McArdle
of Cape Cod. McMahon now serves at president of New England Police
Benevolent Association, Flynn as executive director, Conway as executive
vice president and Scaccia as N.H. state director, according to NEPBA's
website. Ray has since died.

Flynn has been adamant from the start that he will not settle this lawsuit, describing it as "sour grapes" and "frivolous."

has 4,000 members in 100 local unions throughout New England, including
Lowell, Billerica, Dracut, Chelmsford, Tyngsboro, Tewksbury, Dunstable,
Wilmington, and Salem and Nashua, N.H., Flynn said.

December 2008, Norfolk Superior Court Judge Barbara Dortch-Okara
dismissed allegations of misappropriation of trade secrets because,
simply, there were no trade secrets. She also dismissed a complaint of
"unjust enrichment" against the six officers, saying there was no
evidence that they profited from dues going to NEPBA instead of NAGE.

other issues remain for trial. Dortch-Okara refused to dismiss the
allegation of breach of fiduciary duty, writing, "Rather than notifying
NAGE of the unions' discontent, Flynn took advantage of the situation
and encouraged these local unions to choose NEPBA as their bargaining

She also kept alive an allegation for civil conspiracy.

wrote, "a jury could find that Flynn, Ray, Conway and McMahon
participated in a common plan to substantially assist and encourage each
other to breach their fiduciary duty."

the lawsuit, NAGE alleges that the six officers served as national
representatives of NAGE, a national labor union, at various times from
1998 to 2006.

In 2001, Flynn approached
NAGE's national vice president about forming a new union in 2001 due to
dissatisfaction with NAGE, according to the lawsuit. NAGE's constitution
and bylaws impose a high level of responsibility on its
representatives, including the duty to notify NAGE if a local union
wants to disaffiliate from NAGE, the judge wrote.

2005, Flynn led a meeting at NAGE's Billerica office with McMahon,
Conway and others to discuss starting a new union, NEPBA, and
decertifying NAGE.

NEPBA registered its website and arranged for space in the same building as NAGE.

resigned from NAGE on Nov. 28, 2005. The next day, Flynn and McMahon
flew to Florida to meet with Samuel Cabral, president of the
International Union of Police Associations, about affiliation.

this meeting, Flynn and McMahon presented to Cabral a 13-page proposal,
as well as a bag, shirt and jacket with New England PBA logos printed
on them," the judge wrote.

On Dec. 5,
2005, Conway, Ray and McMahon resigned as NAGE national representatives.
The lawsuit alleges they took NAGE contracts and membership lists.
McArdle resigned in October 2006.

before the election to decertify NAGE as their union, the six former
NAGE officers were aware that some of the local unions had stopped
paying NAGE dues and shifted those dues payments to NEPBA, the suit

The other officers, while still NAGE representatives, participated in meetings about the new union.

Credit: Lisa Redmond,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Municipals score early retirement incentives while NAGE fails its members

Here's an update on what i reported earlier in the year.... the Municipal unions hang onto their cadillac Health care plans (no stinkin GIC cuts for them!).... and they score a tasty early retirement incentive.....

while the municipals keep scoring these sweet deals.... what is NAGE/SEIU 5000/ACORN doing for you?....

....well besides robbing you of your monthly dues, NAGE is already in talks with the administration concerning:

  • watered down insurance plans that will cost the state less,
  • increase the number of years to 80% retirement (from the current 30 years to 35 years,) and
  • increase the pension withholding from your dwindling paycheck.... a good guess would be to increase withholding by 3% to offset the big 3% raises coming.
(see the trial balloon on the NAGE web page, long can it be before we're hearing from
NAGE that it's time for members to sacrifice once again... their pensions and their health insurance.... that is.... hey those illegal aliens need that free healthcare... so you'll have to pay more for yours
to help fund that important program.... )

National Executive Vice President/Local 207 President Theresa
McGoldrick met yesterday (Dec. 20) with Administration and Finance
Secretary Jay Gonzalez to discuss budget issues for fiscal years 2011
and 2012 and the closing of the projected $1.5 billion budget gap the
state faces for FY12. McGoldrick was joined by several labor leaders
from around the state.

"We had an open and honest discussion about the next two years and

about the concerns our members have. I can tell you that on behalf of
members, I was very vocal about the issues that could affect us the
most—like pension reform and healthcare benefits," said McGoldrick. "I
can also report that Secretary Gonzalez acknowledged the sacrifices we
have all been making. He was very sincere in expressing his appreciation
for our cooperation and collaboration in working through one of the
worst economic times our state has faced."

Yeah....and i'm sure they'll really appreciate the new concessions that NAGE is discussing..... thanks NAGE

Twenty-nine plans approved by PERAC

The early retirement incentive authorized by Section 66 of Chapter 188 of the Acts of 2010 is well underway.
Municipalities and other eligible entities were to file their plans with PERAC no later than September 28, 2010. Twenty-
nine plans were approved.  The plans have since been returned to the entities that submitted them for approval by their
respective legislative bodies.
The systems that filed plans with PERAC are as follows:
Braintree Municipal Electric
Holyoke Gas & Electric
Wakefield Gas & Electric
Wellesley Light
West Springfield

NAGE fails...Municipals score Early Retirement Package

After telling state employees to go suck an egg, that is

..... NO stinkin 1% raise over two years, let's make it, say 3 or 4...

......mandatory furloughs,

......layoffs, $750 health care deductible,

......reductions in optical, dental and health insurance benefits....

NAGE State Employees settle for less than nothing from the Gov and the Legislature..... but....

What is the Governor and Legislature prepared to offer Municipal employees?...

A "LIMITED" (wink-wink) ERIP (Early Retirement Program.....

(City and Town workers get to add 3 years to their age or 3 years to length of service....nice!)

Obviously there are more state employee concessions on the way to pay for this pricey program... (the
gov and the legislature put out press releases last july saying that
there would be no ERIPS because they don't save any money..... but as
long as it comes out of NAGE hides I guess the additional cost is

Isn't that the usual course????...

.....need to pay for illegal immigrants health care?,

.....or Fat Municipal Helathcare insurance ?,

.....or nice annual COLAs for municipal unions?.....

No problem simply dial 1-800-NAGE-GiveBacks... here's how I imagine it....

DevalPatrick:"Hi Dave?, Deval here.... yeahhhh, we're going to need some more concessions from the sheeple, can you take care of it?

Holway: "No problem Gov, those dolts do believe whatever we tell them.... just keep those dues coming..."

DevalPatrick:"Thanks, I knew we could count on you...

I'm guessing that the Administration is already sitting down to
negotiate further state employee concessions with Dave Holway and SEIU
to fund this costly kiss to the Municipals...

NAGE shakes you down for $5.4 million a year in dues, and sells you down
the river.... they continue to fail you....when will the sheeple wake

Here's the particulars from the Gov's web site.

Municipal Early Retirement Plan

The Governor today sent a letter to the Committee on Municipalities
requesting it include additional proposals in a municipal relief package
the committee is expected to report out shortly.

Among the Governor’s new proposals is an optional Early Retirement
Incentive program for cities and towns. The proposal is structured in a
restrictive manner to ensure that desired near-term savings exceed the
present value cost to the pension system while still giving city and
town managers sufficient flexibility to structure the program in a
manner that avoids adverse operating impacts. By making this program
available at local option, it will give cities and towns the flexibility
to determine for themselves whether this tool is appropriate for their

Under the terms of the plan, eligible employees must have at least 20
years of service and must be paid out of the municipality’s operating
budget. The number of participating employees shall be limited, with a
strong consideration for the impact on municipal services and programs.
Eligible employees would receive a maximum of three years of additional
age or creditable service, or a combination of the two, the sum of which
may not be greater than three.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Obama Tax cut plan acutally increases taxes on NAGE members

President Obama, that darling of SEIU/ACORN/NAGE, seeks to increase taxes on Public Employees (including Mass State employees) in order to fund payroll tax reductions for those paying into Social security.

Thanks NAGE/SEIU/ACORN.... for stealing our dues to support the ultra-leftwing policies of the SEIU (whose primary strategic aim is to get every janitor, food service worker and  illegal alien into a shitty low-paying (but dues paying.... to SEIU) job.

NAGE continues to transfer your dues money to SEIU in order to fund such socialist crap.... while you get nothing.... but furloughs, pay freezes, premium and deductible increases, and benfit reductions.....AND NOW TAX INCREASES

How's that working for you stupid sheeple?..... wake up.
NAGE is screwing you left & right.

Read all about it here:

tax pIn Tax Deal, Many Public Employees Will Pay More
Published: December 8, 2010

More bad news for government workers.

At a time when state and local governments across the country are imposing furloughs and layoffs, and President Obama has frozen pay for federal employees, it turns out that one of the few groups to face higher federal taxes next year may be public sector employees.

The proposal to extend the Bush-era tax breaks unveiled by Mr. Obama this week would offer a tax cut for most Americans. The deal would end the Making Work Pay credit, which gave a tax reduction of up to $400 to workers with low and middle incomes. That credit will be replaced by a 2 percent decrease in the payroll tax for Social Security for people of all incomes.

But more than six million federal, state and local government employees do not pay into Social Security at all. Instead, they pay into public pension systems. So if the agreed proposal becomes law, such employees will lose the $400 credit and would not reap any benefit from the payroll tax cut.

According to the most recent statistics by the House Ways and Means Committee, more than 174 million workers paid into Social Security in 2007, but about 5.7 million state and local government employees paid into other pension systems. While the federal government has been moving its work force into Social Security in recent decades, there were still 600,000 employees excluded from it in 2007.

Some tax experts say that it is unfair for a $900 billion tax cut package to give a quarter of its benefits to the top 1 percent of wage earners while forcing public sector workers, who are largely middle class, to have to pay more.

“It makes so little sense that you have to hope that the people who negotiated this didn’t think it through,” said Robert McIntyre, director of Citizens for Tax Justice, a public interest group aligned with unions. “And when they do think it through, they’ll realize it’s not fair. It would be cruel not to do something about it.”

Amy Brundage, a White House spokeswoman, acknowledged that the current version of the plan could result in a higher tax bill in 2011 than 2010 for some government workers. But she stressed that the plan would nonetheless spare them, and all taxpayers, a much steeper increase that would have resulted if no deal had been struck and all the Bush tax cuts were allowed to expire on Dec. 31.

While Mr. Obama had proposed an extension of the Making Work Pay credit, the $120 billion payroll tax reduction worked out is twice as large and will offer a break of up to $2,136 each to millions of middle- and high-income taxpayers.

“The payroll tax cut would reduce taxes for over 155 million workers, providing effective tax relief that will create jobs and boost the economy,” Ms. Brundage said.

While many Democrats have criticized Mr. Obama for abandoning a campaign pledge to let the cuts expire on the wealthiest 2 percent of wage earners, Ms. Brundage said that the president did so only after winning the extension of an assortment of credits for low-income Americans and a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits.

“The cumulative impact of these provisions will be good for America’s working families and our economy,” Ms. Brundage said.

Leaders of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees were muted in their reaction to the prospect of more taxes for public employees.

The union spent $90 million to help elect Democrats during the last election cycle, when Mr. Obama promoted a plan to preserve tax cuts for all but the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. But Democratic leaders in Congress declined to vote on the measure before the elections and, after Republicans won control of the House, could not win approval for it during the lame duck session of Congress.

“We are aware of it,” said Gregory King, a union spokesman, “and we are discussing it with the appropriate leaders in Congress.”